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Blues miss out on De Rossi

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chelsea look set to miss out on Roma defensive midfielder Daniele De Rossi. Ancelotti launched a bid of £22 million for the Italian star but Roma rejected the bid, claiming De Rossi is 'untouchable'.

"The offer was a lot of money but it was refused. For Roma, this player is untouchable."

However it is thought that Ancelotti will now make a bid for Norway midfielder Erik Huseklepp. It is thought that an offer of in around £2.5 million would be enough to secure the Brann star services. In my opinion Chelsea should not give up on De Rossi. I know Roma probably over-price the midfielder, but Chelsea have not been short of money over the past few years.

I have only seen De Rossi a few times, for Roma in the champions league and player for the Italian national side. In my opinion he would be a very good addition to Chelsea as his strength and style of play would, in my opinion, make him fit right in the premier league and maybe even replace the gap left my Claude Makalele which in my opinion has never been filled.


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