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Lescott saga coming to an end

Monday, August 24, 2009

Everton defender Joleon Lescott is set to move to Manchester City in the next 24 hours, thus ending a summer long saga of the England internationals future.

Lescott has been linked constantly with City, and Everton boss David Moyes rejected several offers for his start defender. But with Lescott growing unhappy, and Moyes forced to drop him from the team he had little or no choice but to let the defender go. The fee is thought to be in around £24 million. Moyes wasn't in a very good mood at his press conference, angry at City for taking so long to come up with the cash and maybe feels they are at fault for Everton's terrible start to the season.

"But we shouldn't have been asked to wait this length of time for an amount of cash we think was the correct value for the player''.

Everton will now be in the market for a new defender, but time will be against them. However, City have plenty of defenders, with Sylvinho joining the City ranks on a free transfer today. The former Arsenal man signed a one year deal from Barcelona.


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