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Wenger to get apology

Monday, August 31, 2009

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is set to receive an apology from Mike Dean and co after the way they acted in the game versus Manchester United. Wenger was humiliated in front of all the United fans, first made go up into the stand for kicking a water bottle ( a ridiculous reason to send off a manager ), and he was not even given directions of where to sit.

Wenger was fuming after Robin Van Persie's last minute goal was ruled off for offside. Wenger kicked an empty water bottle and fourth official Lee Probert reported the incident to Mike Dean. Dean sent Wenger to the stands but it now seems he was wrong. Referee's chief Keith Hackett received a complaint from League Managers' Association chief Richard Bevan, who had this to say.

"Although correct in 'law', it was completely out of context in the game and it was followed by the nonsense over where Wenger should sit''.

Bevan has also been promised an apology for Arsene Wenger for the way Probert and Dean reacted to the situation. I thought the way it was handled was hilarious and has been completely thrown out of context. Wenger does deserve an apology but for the story to be all over the news is a bit over the top.


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