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Bellamy puts cherry on top of miserable City week

Monday, September 21, 2009

Craig Bellamy has turned a miserably week for Manchester City even worse after hitting a fan during the clash against Manchester United on Sunday. City lost to their neighbours in a tense match, where United won 4-3 in the dying minutes.

It had already been a bad week for the Sky Blues, with their star striker Emmanuel Adebayor banned for three matches after a stamp on Robin Van Persie. Now Bellamy looks set to receive a punishment from the FA after punching a United fan who invaded the pitch. Mark Hughes was quick to defend his player, and had this to say.

"I did not see it but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable''.

Of course he would. After all, he was the one who claimed Adebayor was innocent. Bellamy has always had a Joey Barton-Esq character, and personally I think he should be punished. Provoked or not, he is being paid to be a professional.


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