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Domenech dubs Ireland 'England's B team'

Friday, October 23, 2009

French chief Raymond Domenech has dubbed the Republic of Ireland international squad England's B team. France drew Ireland in the qualifiers of the World Cup, with the first leg being played at Croke Park.

Domenech doesn't sound too worried though.

"They are the England B's.”

"There won’t be any surprises in the World Cup play-offs.''

Maybe this will sound biased because I'm Irish, but in my opinion Trapattoni has the Irish squad on the up. The squad was a shambles before he arrived, but making it to the qualifiers was an achievement in itself. Saying that Ireland is England's B's is a ridiculous statement if you ask me. OK, England have a better squad but not to the extent that Ireland squad are the England's B team. Domenech did have one worry though.

“We need the French to rush and get tickets so the Irish do not buy them all. That would be a first victory''.

''Do not let the Irish have more seats than those they will be allocated!"

Is Domenech scared? Who knows.


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