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Ireland won't play for Trapattoni, even if Ireland qaulify for World Cup 2010

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For the last two years, Stephen Ireland has not put on the Ireland jersey and he doesn't plan to, as long as Trapattoni is in charge. He stopped playing internationally because he hated meeting up with the squad for international duty.

I'm disappointed to say the least. It puzzles me why a player wouldn't want to play for his own country. Many players would kill to get into their international squads an Ireland takes it for granted. He is definitely one of the best players to come out of Ireland in recent years and would be a great addition if he decided to play again, but sadly, it doesn't look likely.

"Even with the prospect of the World Cup, it hasn't crossed my mind once about going back,"

The City midfielder even admitted to lying to get out of meeting up with the squad. "I'd just ring up and say I don't feel well. There was nothing wrong with me, I just had no intention of ever going. I just never enjoyed it''.

Most Ireland fans would love to see Stephen back in the squad, but no one wants to see Trapattoni leave considering it would severely damage their World Cup qualification hopes. So with Ireland out of the fray, why isn't the Ireland giving one of the most technically gifted Irish players a call up. With the likes of Glen Whelan and Keith Andrews, who are not up to scratch if you ask me, I have no idea why Andy Reid hasn't been included in the Ireland squad. Hes having a great season for Sunderland and hopefully Trapattoni will see sense and give him the opportunity he deserves.


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