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Rooney was Ron out of World Cup

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wayne Rooney has stated today that he would love to see Portugal and former team-mate Ronaldo knocked out of the World Cup. Portugal have a must win game tomorrow or they will be watching the World Cup in South Africa next year, not playing in it.

Rooney and Ronaldo clashed back in the 2006 World Cup after Rooney was sent off and Ronaldo urged the referee to brandish the red card, followed by a cheeky wink to the Portugal bench. Tempers flared and Rooney was visibly angry and its looks like he never really forgave Ronaldo, claiming he wouldn't mind if his former teammate didn't make next years World Cup.

"It'd be nice to see Portugal not there because, in the last two tournaments, they've knocked us out.

Personally, I think it was bad form from Rooney to say this. Ronaldo might not be Rooney's favourite player but surely he wants to get revenge and beat Portugal. If I was Rooney I would be praying to draw Portugal at some stage, then get my revenge on the pitch. ( By winning, not breaking Ronaldo's legs)


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