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This is the end of Marlon King's career

Friday, October 30, 2009
I'm sure you have all heard, Marlon King was sentenced to 18 months in jail after sexual-assault lat January. Even though his agent is sure there is more to come from the Jamaican international, I think most will agree its all over for the big striker.

Wigan owner Dave Whelan admitted last night that he regrets ever signing King. ''I regret the day we ever signed Marlon King''. Now, not to jump to King's defence but he was once a good player in my opinion, good enough to play for Wigan anyway. However, the crime he committed was un-excusable and he will have lost the respect of many of his peers.

Some people might feel that when King's sentence is up, maybe some club somewhere will be willing to give the big man a second chance. No matter what happens, you can guarantee what kind of reception he will get.

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