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Ireland robbed

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think it fair to say that last night, Ireland were robbed. One of the most blatant handballs i have ever seen from Theirry Henry allowed him the opportunity to set up William Gallas for the winning goal.

Obviously Henry shouldn't have done it and will have lost a lot of respect from people all over the world, but in my opinion, the referee and linesman were at fault. How both of them could miss it baffles me.

I feel sorry for the Irish players though. Last night was one of the best performances from the boys in green I have seen in a long time and they were very hard done by. The shot of Damien Duff crying at the end of the game showed how much it meant to the players and how hard they had worked.

I think the time has come for a video referee. It works in rugby and who's to say it won't help the beautiful game. My only problem would be it would slow down the game a lot, but considering dodgy refereeing cost Ireland a place in the World Cup, it should be brought into place.


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