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Premier League Preview

Friday, November 6, 2009
The last weekend of domestic football before the international break. Ill miss the Premier League.

Fixtures and my predictions.

Aston Villa v Bolton (3.00) - Aston Villa 1-0 Bolton
Blackburn v Portsmouth (3.00) - Blackburn 1-1 Portsmouth
Manchester City v Burnley (3.00) - Man City 3-1 Burnley
Tottenham v Sunderland (3.00) - Tottenham 2-1 Sunderland
Wolves v Arsenal (5.30) - Wolves 1-3 Arsenal

Hull v Stoke (1.30) - Hull 1-2 Stoke
West Ham v Everton (3.00) - West Ham 2-2 Everton
Wigan v Fulham (3.00) - Wigan 1-0 Fulham
Chelsea v Manchester United (4.00) Chelsea 2-0 Manchester United

Liverpool v Birmingham (8.00) - Liverpool 1-0 Birmingham

10 euro on the outcomes (bar Liverpool) would get you 6363.73 euro via paddy power.

Goal on the Week
My goal of the week for last week was Dimitar Berbatov's volley against Blackburn. A great goal from a player who has come under criticism over the past season.

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