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Can Aston Villa break the top four?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it finally time for the 'top four' to be broken? After Aston Villa beat Sunderland 0-2 away last night, it is looking increasingly likely. In recent years it has always been Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool who have occupied the top four position but this year there is a strong chance that trend could be broken.

Aston Villa have has fantastic start to the season, beating Liverpool and Manchester United and they currently lie in third position. The win last night was also a feat which Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal have failed to do by beating Sunderland.

Aston Villa had a similar start to the season last year but faded of after Christmas. However, this season is different. I don't think Aston Villa will finish above Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, however, with Liverpool's current form I see know reason to why they can't break the 'top four'.


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