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Liverpool are truly screwed

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can it get any worse for Liverpool? Out of the title race essentially, struggling to make the top four, out of the Champions League, out of the League Cup, as of last night out of the FA Cup, and on top off all this Fernando Torres will be out for 6 weeks, Steven Gerrard out for 2 weeks and Yossi Benayoun out for a month.

It's fair to say this is probably Rafa Benitez worst time in charge of Liverpool. Yes they have had some bad luck with injuries to key players but good teams get through these tough times. However, Liverpool have failed to regain good form and it doesn't look like changing anytime soon.

One glimmer of hope might be Maxi Rodriquez, although I highly doubt it. He doesn't seem to be the type of player who will make a massive difference, which is what Liverpool need right now. In my opinion, Liverpool have no choice but to sack Benitez. I don't know how he has even lasted this long. Surely with the way things are going a new boss couldn't hurt.