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Tevez or Berba.... who would you pick?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

With the Manchester United vs the Manchester City Carling cup semi-final fast approaching, people are starting to focus in on the Carlos Tevez transfer. I'm sure the majority of people would agree that Tevez has been an excellent signing for Man City, but Gary Neville is one of those who thinks otherwise.

The Manchester United legend said today that he thinks Alex Ferguson was right not to sign Carlos Tevez for £25 million.

''I can't disagree with his decision on Tevez. He was a good player for us but, if the financial demands are too big, then that's just the way it goes.''

Well, I don't know about you Gary, but if Carlos Tevez isn't worth £25 million, Dimitar Berbatov isn't worth £2 million. In my opinion, Tevez is twice the player Berbatov is and Alex Ferguson was a fool to let him go.


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