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Man City v Liverpool - The winner will be in top four come end of the season

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To say the least, it's been a disappointing season for Liverpool, but at least their recent form has given them the chance to salvage 4th spot and make the Champions League next year. However, their game tomorrow against Man City will, in my opinion, be make or break for both sides in their chances of making the top four.

I fancy Liverpool to go on and win this game, and make the top four. Sure they had a very poor start to the season, but they have picked themselves up and with so many key players to come back things can only get better. I'm not anti-Manchester City, but I personally would hate to see them make the top four.

With all the money Manchester City have, they could ruin the beautiful game as we know. In my opinion, no team should splash out hundreds of millions just because they got lucky that some rich bastard decided to give them a blank check to sign any player they want. Already City have signed some players they don't even need e.g Santa Cruz, Viera. I admired City before they became the richest club in the World, now I'm hoping they won't succeed.


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