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The race for fourth place

Monday, February 22, 2010
My last post was all about Manchester City and Liverpool battling it out for the top four, and basically that they were the only contenders. I was wrong. It truly is a four horse race for fourth place.

Liverpool have a great chance of making amends for a horrible season. It was bad enough that they were knocked out of the Champions League, but the prospect of not even making it next year was sickening. However, they do now have a chance to seal that fourth spot, especially considering the players they have coming back into the team, e.g Torres, Benayoun.

You can't rule out City though. There is no doubt they have a good team, they ought to have with all the money they spent. However, I think they are missing a few quality players which I'm sure will be added in the future, but I can just see them falling short next year.

If I could choose one team to get the fourth spot, it would be Aston Villa. They are wonderful to watch and have many exciting players e.g Agbonlahor, Young, Milner and Downing. A great attacking side who in my opinion would deserve their spot in next years Champions League.

The final team keen on that Champions League spot in Tottenham. A good team yes, but the other are better it has to be said. Four or five very good players, but if you ask me the rest are just filling in


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