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Who should be England captain

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I know I said a few days ago I didn't care about the whole John Terry fiasco but everyone is talking about it and to be honest I'm keen to see what happens. Should Terry lose the England captaincy? If so who should take over.

Personally I think he should be stripped of the captaincy. And if hes not stripped, he should just give up the captains armband up. Going behind your international teammate and sleeping with their wife was a very cheap shot. Not to mention Bridge used to play at Chelsea alongside Terry and now even more girls have claimed to shacking up with the Chelsea captain.

But who should take over as England captain. Rio Ferdinand will certainly feel like he deserves a shot, and I'm sure most England fans wouldn't mind seeing the commanding centre back as captain. Another possibility for captain would be Wayne Rooney, especially considering his terrific form this season. My vote is for Wayne Bridge. Wouldn't that be excellent.

Whatever happens, Fabio Capello couldn't have wished for worse. Conflict between teammates could ruin the World Cup for England.


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