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Finally, the top four will be broken

Monday, March 8, 2010

For so many years 4 clubs have dominated the English Premier League, Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool. However, with Liverpool losing 1-0 to Wigan tonight, I firmly believe the 'big four' will finally be broken.

Who will break the top four, who knows? It might not be broken at all, but if there was ever a year for a one team to cause a huge upset, this is it. Aston Villa, Tottenham and Manchester City are the team which surround Liverpool, with Spurs and Man City sitting above The Reds, and Aston Villa just below them. It gets worse for Liverpool though. Man City are 1 point ahead of Liverpool, but also have two games in hand. Tottenham are also 1 point ahead of Liverpool, with one game in hand. Aston Villa sit 3 points behind Liverpool, but they have three games in hand.

Now it could be too early to predict this, but its fair to say this is the best chance any team other than the 'top four' has had in years to make the Champions League. Not only could it ruin Liverpool, but it will give a chance for one of those teams to go down in history. My favourites to do it are Man City, and even though I hate how they will ruin the beautiful game as we know it with all the money they spend, I'd rather watch them in the Champions League than Liverpool any day.


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