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Do Portsmouth deserve to play in Europe?

Monday, April 12, 2010

As you have all probably heard, Portsmouth are fighting for a licence to play in Europe next year. As a bonus of making the FA Cup they are entitled to a chance to play in Europe, but personally I don't think they deserve it.

First of all, how must the staff and players of teams who battled hard all year in order to secure a spot in Europe feel when the team last in the league and in administration get the chance ahead of them. OK, making it to the FA Cup final is impressive, but I don't think they should get the chance to play in Europe because of it.

Portsmouth have been muck this season, bar there FA Cup run which was questionably easy. They are in administration, in absolutely massive debt and will probably have to sell all their semi-decent players this summer, so more than likely they will fail miserably in Europe. Why not give a team who has fought all year to make Europe, instead of a team who is more than 16 points away from safety.


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