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Chelsea are Champions

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its official, Chelsea have won this years English Premier League, and in some style. 8-0 was the final score which saw them win the league and score the most goals in the Premiership in one season ever. A good day for the Blues, to say the least.

Coming into today's game Chelsea had to win, if they lost or drew and United won, the League would be staying in Old Trafford. However, thanks to goals from Anelka (2), Lampard (1), Kalou (1), Drogba (3) and Cole (1) Chelsea ensured the title was heading back to Stamford Bridge.

I think its fair to say Chelsea probably deserved it. Although they slipped up on occasions, they always looked like favourites to win. Scoring 103 in one season deserves some sort of silverware.

Man United, Arsenal and Tottenham made up the top four. They will all play in the Champions League next season, provided Tottenham make it through the qualifiers. Meanwhile Burnley, Portsmouth and Hull will all be playing in the Championship next year.

What a season!

Tomorrow I will be giving this seasons awards, in my opinion. Worst/Best player, worst/best buy and all that crap.


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