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Premier League awards

Monday, May 10, 2010
Its been a very interesting season, to say the least. In the end Chelsea won it, Man United were runner up and Portsmouth, Hull and Burnley were relegated as you all probably know. This post is just some awards I would like to give. There will be good ones, and bad one. A lot of you will disagree no doubt.

Best Player - Wayne Rooney
Some people say one player doesn't make a team, but Rooney, this season, was the exception. With a difference of more than 20 goals between him and United's second top scorer, it shows how important he was to them.

Best Manager - Harry Redknapp
Good auld 'Arry Redknapp really did work wonder for Spurs this season. The first team to break the top four in years, and he coped with the pressure of the fight for that 4th spot, and of course the chance to play in the elusive Champions League. A deserved winner.

Best Goal - Maynor Figueroa
What can you say about that goal. Half way line, free kick, straight into the top corner. It was one of them goals you will only see once ever ten years. Figueroa will never hit a better striker than that. Beauty.

Best Buy - Thomas Vermaelen
This was a tough one. I pondered between Vermaelen, Valencia and Dunne for best buy of the season. In the end I chose Vermaelen for the simple fact that it was his first year in England and he settled automatically. He was even Arsenals top scorer for a while. A eye for goal and not scared to get stuck in, something Arsenal needed.

Worst Buy - Alberto Aquilani
£20 odd million, and for what? What did Alberto Aquilani do? Nothing. OK, he was injured for a while, but even so, if i spent £20 million on a player I'd expect more than what Aquilani gave. Not even half the player Alonso is.

Worst Manager - Rafa Bentiez
Liverpool fans will hate me, but can you really argue this one. 7th place just isn't good enough for a club like Liverpool. Poor managerial decisions e.g selling Alonso cost Liverpool dear.

Best Celebration - Jimmy Bullard and Emmanuel Adebayor
Jimmy Bullard is probably one of my favourite players in the Premier League, simply because of that celebration. Mocking Phil Brown's decision to have his team talk outside, it made everyone, bar Brown, laugh. Secondly is Adebayor's celebration. Sprinting the length of the pitch to taunt the Arsenal fans was stupid, but it was funny.

That's all I can think of right now, if I think of any more I'll add them in. If you think of any, let me know.


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