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Will Chelsea mess it up?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chelsea beat Liverpool 0-2 today which saw them just one victory away from winning the Premier League, and its fair to say they would be the worlds biggest bottlers if they messed it up now.

It was a three horse race, now a two horse race. After defeat to Spurs Arsenal's title challenge was over, so it was left to Manchester United to battle it out with Chelsea for the Championship. Chelsea's biggest challenge was Liverpool, whom they beat today and now only defeat or drawing to Wigan at home could deny them the title.

Part of the reason they won today was because of Steven Gerrard, a player whom Chelsea could be keen to sign. Gerrard made an absolute howler of a back pass to set up Chelsea's first goal. A mistake? More than likely. Some will speculate he didn't want Man Utd to pass out Liverpool on the amount of league titles they have won.

So, unless Chelsea to lose Wigan and United beat Stoke, Chelsea will be Premier League champions. Personally I'd rather them than United, but that's only because I'm sick of United winning it.


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