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Havoc in French Camp

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for France, they did. France went into the World Cup being labelled 'cheats' and many felt they didn't deserve to be there. And after two disappointing results in their opening two games, they seem definite to be going home early.

One player who has already gone home early however is Nicolas Anelka. Anelka was taken off at half-time in their 2-0 defeat to Mexico and after the game, reports were out suggesting a major row between him and France coach Raymond Domenech.

These reports were later proven true when Anelka was sent home by the FFF for failing to apologise for his verbal attack on Domenech. However, less than 24 hours after Anelka was sent home, the French squad boycotted training in support of the Chelsea striker. Just a few minutes into training, captain Patrice Evra and fitness coach Robert Duverne had another argument. As Domenech stepped in, all the players boarded the team bus to make a stand.

A statement from the squad read, 'All players without exception want to declare their opposition to FFF's decision to exclude Nicolas Anelka.'

This whole fracas leads me to think how it would have been for Ireland had they qualified instead of France. Surely Trappatoni would have done a better job. It looks like it's over for France though, as I can see this being the end of Domenech's managerial career and the end of the international careers of Henry, Gallas and Anelka.


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