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Heskey puts blame on himself for Ferdinand injury

Thursday, June 10, 2010

England striker Emile Heskey has revealed that he couldn't feel any worse knowing that Rio Ferdinand will miss the World Cup because of him. Ferdinand is set to miss the competition after an injury in training involving Heskey.

The England captain was injured when tackling Heskey, when Heskey fell on his left leg, damaging his knee ligaments. Although Ferdinand has assured everyone it was an accident, Heskey is still finding the fact he may have cost England the World Cup difficult to deal with.

"I spoke to Rio afterwards and he told me there was nothing I could do but it was still difficult for me.''

And so he should be. Even bringing Heskey to South Africa was a mistake, now look at what he has done. I mean come on Fabio, what does Heskey offer. He's hardly a prolific goalscorer, he doesn't have the ability to beat a defender 1 on 1. All he does is hold the ball up, which is exactly what Crouch does, except Crouch is good at it and can do more. Why not bring a decent player?

I feel sorry for Ferdinand. To be injured for the World Cup is bad enough but to be injured by Heskey just rubs salt in his wounds. Heskey 1-0 England


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