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Mexico 2-0 France

Friday, June 18, 2010

If you cheat, you deserve to lose. This is exactly what happened to France last night and to be honest I could not be more happy.

We all know how France made it to the World Cup, they cheated. Simple as. Its not only because I'm Irish that this annoys me so much, its the fact that France did it and are now performing worse than Ireland would have.

I don't even know why. France have a very good team. They should be on top of their group, not relying on other teams results to get through. I like most of the French players, they play good football and should be an exciting team.

It seems as though the way they made it to the World Cup has affected them. There was a lot of controversy surrounded the face they cheated and it is clearly still on the back of their minds. I think the choice to bring Henry to South Africa was a bad one. If anyone deserves to be watching the World Cup at home, its him.


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