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Villa send Spain through

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

David Villa's goals has put Spain through to the last 8, joining Brazil, Holland, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Ghana and Paraguay. Spain will of course play Paraguay in a bid to secure a place in the semi-final.

If I'm honest, there were no good games in the last 16 fixtures. I expected a lot from the Spain v Portugal game, but it wasn't very exciting. Ronaldo and Torres were particularly disappointing, with David Villa showing the latter who the top Spanish striker is, scoring the only goal of the game, his fourth of the competition.

I would expect Spain to beat Paraguay though. Paraguay didn't look like they will pose much of a threat when they played Japan earlier today. In fairness, they did look impressive taking penalties. I wouldn't expect it to go that far though.

Whilst I expect Spain to beat Paraguay, I would also back to Argentina to emerge victorious against Germany. Although Germany looked impressive against England, they lack the experience that will be key at this stage. That would mean Spain would play Argentina in the semi-final, a fixture I would love to watch.


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