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Why the World Cup Won't be One to Remember!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Although the opening game between South Africa and Mexico was an entertaining game, the opening day of the 2010 World Cup hardly set the world alight. A bore 0-0 draw between France and Uruguay emphasises this and in my opinion, this World Cup will continue in this manner. There are two main reasons for this:

1. No Ireland- After being robbed and cheated out of a World Cup place by France in October, us Irish can only sit here and watch the World Cup as neutrals. It takes a lot of the excitement out of it, and many of us are only watching the World Cup in hope that France will fail. Would you believe that Henry even had the cheek to appeal for a handball today?

2. Many big-name players won't be there- The list is endless of the amount of players that have unluckily been ruled out of the World Cup through injury. Beckham, Ferdinand, Ballack and Essien are all out while Robben, Iniesta, Torres and Fabregas are all rushing back from injury and may not be as sharp as they can be. Then there's players like Walcott, Cambiasso, Zanetti and Rossi who have all been left out. The lack of these important players make the World Cup dull. Instead of getting to see Walcott run at defenders with his pace, we get to watch Lucas run around like a headless chicken.

This is just my opinion and I don't want to seem like a buzzkill because my country won't be there. By all means, I do hope that the World Cup is a great one. I'm just pointing out my worries.


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