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World Cup 2010 Round-Up

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What an awful start to the World Cup! With 11 games played, we've only seen 18 goals, and the football has been largely disappointing too.

On Friday the South Africa-Mexico game was lively and a decent start to the World Cup but France and Uruguay set the tone for the competition with a bore nil all draw.

Saturday didn't produce any real entertainment for us either. South Korea brushed Greece aside in a 2-0 win but Argentina only beat Nigeria by a single goal when they should have won by 5 or 6. Their football was impressive however, Messi imparticular was popping up everywhere but Enyeama produced an amazing performance to keep him at bay. England's 1-1 draw with USA started ferociously and looked set to be a good game but instead both teams went on to play a defensive, cagey game.

On Sunday the Germans looked impressive in a 4-0 hammering of Australia, Tim Cahill recieved an extremely harsh red card which shows that referees seem to be clamping down on dangerous tackles. There were also two boring games- Ghana beating Serbia and Slovenia beating Algeria, both 1-0.

Things didn't get better today either. Holland, who I had tipped to do well, were poor in a nervy 2-0 win, Japan beat Cameroon 1-0 in a slow, unskilled game, and Italy's 1-1 draw with Paraguay hardly set the world alight either.

All in all, it's been a very disappointing start for me and I can only hope the football picks up. There's too many teams going into games with a defensive attitude, looking for a break when the chance comes. Those horns are driving me mad too!


  1. blogsport said...

    I understand your frustration but the football will almost certainly improve after the opening set of games. I wrote a post about it today you might be interested in?

    June 15, 2010 at 12:53 PM  

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