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World Cup Final: First half report

Sunday, July 11, 2010
It hasn't been a great game has it? Spain v Holland had the making to be a classic but so far it has been largely disappointing.

First of all, the starting teams. Not too many surprises, but in my opinion Fabregas should be on instead of Pedro, and Van der Vaart should be on instead of Kuyt, but that's just my opinion.

Sergio Ramos has had Spain's only real chance, a header saved and other than that no real chances. Meanwhile, Holland could have taken the lead when Sneijder passed back to Casillas after the Spanish put the ball out due to injury to Carlos Puyol. Casillas misjudged the pass back which almost went into the back of the net. Other than that, bar a shot from Robben, no real chances for Holland.

Holland should be down to 9 men, simple as. Van Bommel has fouled repeatedly, whilst De Jong could have killed Alonso with that drop-kick.

Personally, I hope the second half is a lot more exciting, and a goal from David Villa to lead Spain to victory would be lovely.


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