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Chelsea's Odds to Repeat as EPL Champs

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In hindsight, it’s really no surprise that Chelsea F.C. took the English Premier League Championship last year, outscoring Man U, the league’s most dominant presence, at crunch time en route to a third title. Chelsea kicked it into gear when it mattered most and played solid football, edging out the competition. But whether or not they can do it again is the news story here.

With the EPL start only a short two weeks away, clubs are scrambling for position, signing any talent they can get their hands on. Arsenal is looking for some central defenders and a solid goalkeeper, while Man U hopes players like Chris Smalling end the defensive drought. Chelsea is currently going through their own drama, with rumors—now quashed but still affecting—of Ashley Cole on his way out and the Brazilian midfielder Ramires on his way in.

So many small moves are made during the course of an offseason—especially a World Cup year—that it’s hard to gauge just where Chelsea stands on the odds end of the spectrum. Remember, this isn’t a fan expose about who finishes where. This is about odds makers and their confidence that Chelsea can best the EPL in consecutive years.

Truthfully, the tale is told differently depending on where you go. For an online casino that accepts us players, football (soccer) isn’t necessarily that big of a sport and thus isn’t critiqued by odds makers the same way a South American or European site would. Popular US sites have Chelsea listed at 3.00 to repeat, ahead of every other team—except Man U—by a long shot.

And while a site like this is better used for online blackjack games, the numbers aren’t too far off based on the performance. It’s akin, in the odds-making genre, to giving an NFL favorite a -3 spread – safe and acting enticing.

English sites are a little more favorable—and undoubtedly more knowledgeable—when it comes to Chelsea’s true odds. Most popular UK sites have them listed at around 2.875/2.95. And while that might not seem like much disparity, it paints a better picture at where they’re standing over their opponents, with Man U second at 3.10/3.50.

Now, obviously, it’s not even season’s start yet and all but impossible to accurately predict where Chelsea will finish on a game-by-game basis, much less the entire season. But people in the football know have them still listed better as powerhouse Man U and always scary Arsenal.

For anyone looking to lay a bet down on the season’s finish for a possible big payoff, just remember that sites offering download roulette games aren’t as credible as sites dealing strictly in sports betting in terms of accurate numbers. Don’t be lured in by big bonuses. For true odds, check out a true Euro sports book.


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