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Premier League Preview

Friday, August 27, 2010
Another round of Premier League fixture for us to look forward to this weekend. Last weekend saw no real shocks, although there were three 6-0 games and Manchester United stumbled away to Fulham, whilst Liverpool lost 3-0 to Manchester City. Here are this weeks fixtures and my predictions. Bold = win

Fixtures and my predictions
Blackburn v Arsenal (12.45) - Arsenal win
Blackpool v Fulham (3.00) - Fulham win
Chelsea v Stoke (3.00) - Chelsea win
Tottenham v Wigan (3.00) - Tottenham win
Wolves v Newcastle (3.00) - Draw
Manchester United v West Ham (5.30) - Manchester United win

Bolton v Birmingham (1.30) - Draw
Liverpool v West Brom (3.00) -Liverpool win
Sunderland v Manchester City (3.00) - Manchester City win
Aston Villa v Everton (4.00) - Draw

Goal of the week last weekend goes to Gareth Bale, and absolute peach of a volley.

If you back all the results I have predicted, you stand to win £4800.47 if you put on £10. Not as much as last weeks, but still a decent amount of pocket money.


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