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Adebayor claims Man City are bigger than Arsenal

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emmanuel Adebayor certainly hasn't a great relationship with his former club Arsenal since his move to Manchester City last summer. First he kicks Robin Van Persie in the face, then he runs the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans after scoring for Man City, and now he is having a go at his old club, stating that his new club are bigger.

There was a time when I had respect for Adebayor. When he came to Arsenal he was relatively unknown but managed to make a name for himself and at one point was recognised as one of the best strikers in the Premier League. However, since his move to Manchester City, the big Togo international has changed for the worse.

First of all, we all know he moved for money, why else would anyone move to Manchester City. Secondly, his performance against Arsenal where he celebrated in front of his former fans and kick Van Persie in the face was disgraceful. Now, he is taunting the Arsenal staff and fans saying ''people will class Manchester City as bigger than Arsenal''. This shows massive disrespect towards Arsene Wenger, who made him the player he is today. It also makes him looks like a fool, because he can barely make the starting 11 at Man City, and will probably move if not in January, then the summer of 2011.

In saying all of this, there is a very realistic chance that Man City will someday, in the distant future, be a bigger club than Arsenal, purely because of their financial power. They have some way to go yet though. Buying players who only go for money will not bring success.

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