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Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham all knocked out of the Carling Cup

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Normally the Carling Cup doesn't interest me at all, I just look at it as a way of getting a look of some young talent that the big clubs have to offer, and maybe even see one of those teams embarrassed by one of the smaller clubs. Over the past few days, I got all of this.

The Tottenham v Arsenal game really was a cracked. The 1-4 scoreline wasn't a fair results. True, Arsenal deserved to win but not by three goals. I was surprised Arsene Wenger fielded the side he did, which included several big names including Nasri and Rosicky. One man, or boy, however really stood out. You probably know who I'm talking about. Jack Wilshere had another stunning game to add to his growing reputation. He is definitely one for the future.

Tonight saw two pretty shocking results. The first being Chelsea's loss to Newcastle. OK some might argue that the Carling Cup means nothing to Chelsea and is probably a trophy Newcastle will be keen to compete for, but it was still surprising to see an understrength but still strong Chelsea team lose 3-4 at home.

Liverpool, as we all know, are not the side they once were. They proved that again tonight, losing on penalties to Northhampton. Yes, they had an understrength squad out, but still, even their second team should beat Northhampton. It shows a serious lack of strength in depth, but from a neutral point of view I was delighted. I would love to see Northhampton go on a cup run which sees them knock out all the big teams. There is one every year.


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