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Premier League Preview

Saturday, September 18, 2010
I know it's a bit late, apologies for that. Anyway, without further adieu, here is this weekends Premier League fixtures, and my predictions. Bold = Win

Fixtures and my predictions
Stoke v West Ham (Already underway)
Aston Villa v Bolton (3.00) - Aston Villa win
Blackburn v Fulham (3.00) - Draw
Everton v Newcastle (3.00) - Everton win
Tottenham v Wolves (3.00) - Tottenham win
West Brom v Birmingham (3.00) - Birmingham win
Sunderland v Arsenal (5.30) - Draw

Manchester United v Liverpool (1.30) - Manchester United win
Wigan v Manchester City (3.00) - Manchester City win
Chelsea v Blackpool (4.00) - Chelsea win 8-0

Few exciting fixtures in there, particularly the Man United v Liverpool one. Although I picked United to win, it really could go either way.

Stick a tenner on all my predictons to come true, including Chelsea's 8-0 victory, and you stand to win £345101.41. Good luck..

If you have the time, please vote on the poll to the right of who will be the top scorer in the Premier League this season. Thanks.


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