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FIFA 11 Review

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As we all know, the FIFA series is the best virtual football experience of all time, dominating the scene since 1993 when it was first released. Since then, it has not only become the leading football game in the world, but one of the most successfull games of all time.

Let me assure you, FIFA 11 has continued this fantastic tradition. I have had FIFA 11 for a few days, and needless to say I've spent a lot of time playing it. In my opinion, its the best football game of all time.

The first thing you will notice when you first play is the scary resemblance of the players. Its the closest thing I have seen to real life in a video game, with each player detailed to perfection. After playing a few games, the new feature Personality+ was clear, and extremely impressive to say the least. Each player plays like the would in real life, which makes it far more realistic to play.

Overall, I think the game-play is far better. It's harder to score a goal, but when you do it so much better than it would have in the other FIFA games, where after a while scoring just became to easy. The new celebrations are a nice touch, now when you score a goal in a final you can celebrate with your whole team instead of doing a back-flip by yourself without any of your teammates attempting to embrace in your joy.

I thought Manager Mode was slightly improved. I prefer the new interface and you now have the option to play as a player/manager, which I thought was a nice touch. One thing missing from FIFA 10 which I will miss is staff upgrades, which is probably a good thing because you can no longer increase your teams fitness couch so much that they were never fatigued, making the game more realistic and more of a challenge.

As for the player ratings, I obviously haven't played with every team, but I have checked out most if not all of the main ones. One thing I noticed is the fact that pace will no longer automatically make you a good player, as it did for the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon in FIFA 10. If your are excited about playing with Messi, don't be. They still have fixed the glitch from FIFA 10 where Messi is extremely easy to push of the ball.

One hidden gem which I found in the game was Brazilian player Neymar. I picked him up in Manager Mode because he was young and his rating of 78 was bound to rise after a few season, so make sure to check him out.

So, in retrospect, FIFA 11 is a massive success. I would have to give it 9.5/10, not quite a 10 but very close. I would definitely recommend going out and buying it.


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