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Championship Manager 2011 Review - iPhone/iPod Touch

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being a football fan, I have often found myself yelling at my TV at the stupid decisions managers make. However, after playing Championship Manager 2011 for the iPod Touch, I was able to make those mistakes for myself, all on the way of my quest to become a Premier League winning manager.

I have been a fan of Championship Manager for years, and I have to say, I was very impressed with the latest version. At first I was sceptical about playing it on the iPod Touch, after years of playing it on the computer, I wasn't sure if I would like the look and feel. However, withing minutes of downloading it, I instantly fell in love.

The managers hub (pictured above) feature was a personal
favourite of mine. It made everything easily accessible and overall I think it was a stroke of genius from the developers.

The next thing that impressed me was the match play (pictured below). I thought it was fantastic. Making a sub was a easy as clicking your finger. They also added in the match action, where you can watch replays of your goals, match play etc. This is a feature I didn't think I would see on the iPod, but it looks fantastic.

Overall, I think Championship Manager 2011 is one of the best Championship Manager's yet. Along with the updated squads, the game generally just has a nicer feel to it along with the improvements. I was surprised at how much i enjoyed the iPhone/iPod Touch version, and I would definitely recommend buying it as soon as you can. 9.5/10

Owen Hargreaves - the unluckiest player in the World

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You have to feel sorry for Owen Hargreaves, it really has been a nightmare few years for the Canadian born Manchester United midfielder. He finally made his comeback to first team football, only to last 5 minutes before injuring himself again.

The 29 year old England midfielder was once one of the finest players in the Premier League, and was key to United's Champions League and League success a couple of years ago. However, since then he has suffered constant injuries which has seen him spend nearly 2 years on the sidelines.

To be honest, I probably would have hung up my boots if I was him. I know it sounds like a very cowardly thing to do, but the constant injuries would just do my head in. So fair play to Hargreaves for sticking with it, and I hope one day he is injury free and playing his best football again.

Premier League Preview

Friday, November 5, 2010
Lots of fixtures coming up in the next dew days, and needless to say I'm very excited. Apologies for the serious lack of posts lately, with exams this year it will be difficult but I will try and post as much as possible. Anyway, lets get on with the fixtures and my predictions.

Fixtures and my predictions
Bolton v Tottenham (12.45) - Tottenham win
Birmingham v West Ham (3.00) - Birmingham win
Blackburn v Wigan (3.00) - Blackburn win
Blackpool v Everton (3.00) - Draw
Fulham v Aston Villa (3.00) - Draw
Manchester United v Wolves (3.00) - Manchester United win
Sunderland v Stoke (3.00) - Sunderland win

Arsenal v Newcastle (1.30) - Arsenal win
West Brom v Man City (3.00) - West Brom win
Liverpool v Chelsea (4.00) - Chelsea win

Stoke v Birmingham (7.45) - Stoke win
Tottenham v Sunderland (8.00) - Tottenham win

Aston Villa v Blackpool (7.45) - Aston Villa win
Chelsea v Fulham (7.45) - Chelsea win
Newcastle v Blackburn (7.45) - Newcastle win
West Ham v West Brom (7.45) - Draw
Wigan v Liverpool (7.45) - Liverpool win
Everton v Bolton (8.00) - Everton win
Man City v Man United (8.00) - Man City win
Wolves v Arsenal (8.00) - Arsenal win

I couldn't find odds for all the matches, but put it this way. If you put a tenner on all those results to come true your insane, but you would win an absolutely bucket load of cash.

Should be an interesting few days, with a few tasty matches thrown in there especially the Manchester derby and the Liverpool v Chelsea fixture. Enjoy!

Redknapp furious over referee decision

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has threatened to never do a post match interview again if he is charged by the FA for his verbal attack on referee Mark Clattenburg. This was of course due to the controversial Nani scored against Tottenham last Sunday.

It was without a doubt the most controversial goal of the season, with Spurs keeper Gomes preparing to take a free and United winger Nani just kicking the ball into the net. Needless to say, Harry Redknapp was furious, and I can't blame him. Redknapp claimed his decision was "scandalous", and you can hardly blame him.

"Don't expect me to come out on the TV anymore - ever - and speak to the press after a game.

"He made a right mess of it all, and that was my answer. And I stand by that 100%."

The referee really never indicated whether it was a free kick or not, and I feel sorry for the Spurs players who in fairness performed admirably. Its things like these that annoy me in football, but unfortunately they will continue to happen and it is a part of the beautiful game.