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Championship Manager 2011 Review - iPhone/iPod Touch

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being a football fan, I have often found myself yelling at my TV at the stupid decisions managers make. However, after playing Championship Manager 2011 for the iPod Touch, I was able to make those mistakes for myself, all on the way of my quest to become a Premier League winning manager.

I have been a fan of Championship Manager for years, and I have to say, I was very impressed with the latest version. At first I was sceptical about playing it on the iPod Touch, after years of playing it on the computer, I wasn't sure if I would like the look and feel. However, withing minutes of downloading it, I instantly fell in love.

The managers hub (pictured above) feature was a personal
favourite of mine. It made everything easily accessible and overall I think it was a stroke of genius from the developers.

The next thing that impressed me was the match play (pictured below). I thought it was fantastic. Making a sub was a easy as clicking your finger. They also added in the match action, where you can watch replays of your goals, match play etc. This is a feature I didn't think I would see on the iPod, but it looks fantastic.

Overall, I think Championship Manager 2011 is one of the best Championship Manager's yet. Along with the updated squads, the game generally just has a nicer feel to it along with the improvements. I was surprised at how much i enjoyed the iPhone/iPod Touch version, and I would definitely recommend buying it as soon as you can. 9.5/10


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