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Premier League Preview

Friday, November 5, 2010
Lots of fixtures coming up in the next dew days, and needless to say I'm very excited. Apologies for the serious lack of posts lately, with exams this year it will be difficult but I will try and post as much as possible. Anyway, lets get on with the fixtures and my predictions.

Fixtures and my predictions
Bolton v Tottenham (12.45) - Tottenham win
Birmingham v West Ham (3.00) - Birmingham win
Blackburn v Wigan (3.00) - Blackburn win
Blackpool v Everton (3.00) - Draw
Fulham v Aston Villa (3.00) - Draw
Manchester United v Wolves (3.00) - Manchester United win
Sunderland v Stoke (3.00) - Sunderland win

Arsenal v Newcastle (1.30) - Arsenal win
West Brom v Man City (3.00) - West Brom win
Liverpool v Chelsea (4.00) - Chelsea win

Stoke v Birmingham (7.45) - Stoke win
Tottenham v Sunderland (8.00) - Tottenham win

Aston Villa v Blackpool (7.45) - Aston Villa win
Chelsea v Fulham (7.45) - Chelsea win
Newcastle v Blackburn (7.45) - Newcastle win
West Ham v West Brom (7.45) - Draw
Wigan v Liverpool (7.45) - Liverpool win
Everton v Bolton (8.00) - Everton win
Man City v Man United (8.00) - Man City win
Wolves v Arsenal (8.00) - Arsenal win

I couldn't find odds for all the matches, but put it this way. If you put a tenner on all those results to come true your insane, but you would win an absolutely bucket load of cash.

Should be an interesting few days, with a few tasty matches thrown in there especially the Manchester derby and the Liverpool v Chelsea fixture. Enjoy!


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