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The Premier League top five

Friday, December 21, 2012
If you look at the current Barclays Premier League, you can see that it goes like this:

1st - Manchester United: Pts - 42
2nd - Manchester City: Pts- 36
3rd - Chelsea: Pts - 29 (one game in hand)
4th - Tottenham: Pts - 29
5th - Arsenal: Pts - 27

If you ask me, the current table looks identical to what it could be next May. Manchester United, they are looking pretty strong if you ask me. With Vidic coming back, and also beating their rivals in the derby recently, it looks like they could be on course to retaining their title. Their attacking options are second to none. To be honest, I don't see them losing enough games to concede the title, even though we aren't even half way through the season.

Manchester City aren't the team they were last year. Bar Yaya Toure, Aguero and Tevez I have been far from impressed with their so-called world class players e.g Nasri, Silva and Dzeko. Chelsea's situation is odd. Without Abramovich, they wouldn't be where they are today, but he also cost them a chance at the title by sacking Roberto Di-Matteo. They have the talent, no doubt, but they lack consistency in the managerial and board-room department.

The fight for fourth place is pretty interesting. Arsenal and Tottenham, local rivals, always seem to fight it out for that last Champions League spot. Arsenal have looked utterly shambolic this season, but somehow remain only two points behind their rivals. Spurs, in my opinion, have always had an extremely strong team but have only rarely made the cut. I can see Arsenal grabbing fourth spot, but it will be very close.

Every weekend from now on will be an interesting one. I can't wait to see if Fergie and his players manage to regain their title, and hopefully there will be some last-day drama to look forward to. Every game counts, especially during this busy Christmas period.

Di Matteo - probably the most unfair sacking in Premier League history

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Roman Abramovich is probably the most impatient man of all time. From my knowledge of the Russian billionaire, his main goal with Chelsea was to win the Champions League. What did Roberto Di Matteo do? He brought his team to the Champions League final, where they won. He also won the FA Cup. That's two trophies for a manager who wasn't even in charge at the start of the season.

Along with the success he brought to the club last year, he brought in some fantastic players over the summer transfer window. Whether that was Ambramovich or Di Matteo, a player would be reluctant to join a club if he doesn't think the manager can do the job. Hazard, Oscar and Moses are all exciting young players, the type of players Chelsea haven't had for years.

Unfortunately for Di Matteo, he hit a slump in his managerial career, which in all honesty, was bound to happen sooner or later. However, Chelsea currently sit third in the Premier League, not far behind the Manchester Clubs, and although their Champions League ambitions were hit by a 3-0 thumping by Juventus, they can still qualify, with a bit of luck.

Within 24 hours of Di Matteo getting the sack, Rafa Bentiez was appointed as Chelsea chief. Can he spark Torres back in to life? I doubt it. I can see Chelsea slowly slipping down the Premier League table, as they once again have to adjust to a new manager.

Luis Suarez - was he right or wrong?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
I'm talking about the celebration in front of David Moyes, of course. To say the least, Suarez is a controversial player. I have seen several people slate him for what he did on Sunday. It was arrogant, terribly unsportsmanlike but most importantly, absolutely hilarious.

I'm not a fan of Suarez, for the plain and simple fact that he is the scum of football. Unlike many others however, I will hold nothing against him for his comical dive in front of the Everton manager. Apart from the fact it was pretty funny. That's all it was, funny. You can't blame Suarez to reacting to Moyes' slander in the papers, criticising Suarez for his diving antics. In fairness, it was a perfect way to respond.

His tackle on Distin however, was an absolute disgrace and he should be punished for it. There is a large difference between making a point and being malicious.

Problems in the beautiful game - ft Aaron Cawley

Monday, October 22, 2012
Some football fans just make you wonder, how can any team respect their fans? Obviously, I'm talking about the incident which took place at the weekend when Sheffield Wednesday took on Leeds at the Hillsborough Stadium on Friday night, where Chris Kirkland was struck in the face by one of the travelling fans. The Leeds supporter, named Aaron Cawley, ran on to the pitch and pushed the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper in the face. You have to wonder what was going through his head, the chances of not getting caught were about the same as winning 50 times in a row on European roulette.

Unfortunately, behaviour with fans these days is getting out of hand. It's not irregular to hear of fans throwing objects at players, or starting racist chants, or more recently shining lasers in the eyes of players. How can Football Associations stop this kind of behaviour? It's impossible really, if they stop letting fans into your ground they will lose much needed revenue.

I'm all for fans taunting one another during a game, and chanting their team on to victory, it adds to the special atmosphere of professional football. Possibly, the players are at fault. I hate to point fingers, but John Terry is hardly the perfect role model for kids across England. After his behaviour towards Anton Ferdinand, he received only a 4 game ban and a minuscule fine. The FA need to set an example. Likewise, the bloke who decided it would be a great idea to hit Chris Kirkland, needs to be punished. Let him sit in jail for assault. Actions like these deserve consequences. This is the only way future and present generations of fans and footballers alike will learn. 

As far as I'm concerned, these problems, in particular racism, will continue in football. However, if the proper authorities can punish violence more severely, maybe that is one thing that can be greatly improved in the future. 

The title race - Man City v Chelsea v Man United

Sunday, October 21, 2012
It's a three horse race, let's be honest.

Chelsea, a rejuvenated young team with a manager who can seem to do no wrong. Manchester United, strengthened greatly by the arrival of Robin Van Persie and with the most successful manager in English football history as their boss. Manchester City, the Bill Gates of English football, with strength in depth that is the envy of any club, and of course, the current Champions. You can argue all you want, one of these teams will be Champions come May 2013.

But who? Good question. Great question. If I knew the answer I would stroll down to my local bookies with a bank loan in my pocket and a grin on my face. I fancy Chelsea myself, I think the youth they have brought into the squad will help them greatly. They still have the likes of Lampard and Terry to add experience, but they seem to have a certain spark they were missing. It used to be lump the ball up to Drogba, now it's give the ball to Hazard or Mata and let them work some magic.

Manchester United are always there for thereabouts, every year without fail for the past few years. I am amazed how a team who deploys Michael Carrick in centre mid manages to consistently finish in the top 4. With the addition of Kagawa and in particular, Robin Van Persie, they will be even stronger this year. I predict they will come second, with possibly defensive frailties being their demise. (De Gea)

Man City aren't as good as everyone thinks they are. You can buy quality, but you can't buy chemistry. Too many big names, not enough players playing for the badge, to many playing only for their paycheck at the end of the week. I predict they will finish third, with Mancini getting the sack at the end of the season.

Of course, I am probably wrong. To win the BPL, you need to take a few risks. Like when playing friv games, you need to takes a few risks to win. Which Manager has the most guts could decide which team is splitting a lovely Trophy bonus at the end of the year.

Mario Balotelli

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A tribute to the man, the legend, Mario.

It's going to be an interesting Summer

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I know the League season isn't even over yet, but as a fan of a team outside of Manchester, I am already looking forward greatly to the Summer transfer window.

The question is, who will be going where. No doubt, we will see Manchester City dip into their never-ending transfer budget and sign a few players. Who will those players be? Who knows. RVP perhaps, although I can't see him leaving Arsenal, at least not for a team in the Premier League. No doubt they will sign someone of considerable quality, it will be very interesting to see who that player(s) is.

Manchester United = sign a midfielder, simple. The fans have been crying out for a world-class midfielder after becoming sick of seeing the likes of Michael Carrick and Anderson in the starting line-up.

Arsenal, all they need is a few defenders ( 3 at least ) who have some defensive qualities and not just attacking ones. A good CDM ( Yann M'Vila ) and another striker wouldn't go astray.

Chelsea, badly need to one or two top quality wingers to compliment their strikers. Torres is not a bad player, I don't care what anyone says, he just needs better service.

If Spurs sign a prolific striker, I am confident they will challenge strongly for the title next season. Big IF though, I can't think of anyone affordable they could tempt to White Hart Lane.

Where do I start with Liverpool, get rid of the rubbish. You know who I mean, Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing, Maxi and use the money to buy 2/3 good attacking players. Also, get a decent CB, a new RB wouldn't go astray either.

It's not just the big team's transfer antics I'm looking forward to though. Newcastle, Sunderland, Everton and dare I say Fulham are all teams with very solid squads, and with the addition of a decent player or two ( and also keeping their best players ), they could all be in contention to strongly challenge for a spot in the top 5/6.

The race for fourth place

Saturday, March 31, 2012
It's really starting to heat up now. The race for fourth place is almost as intriguing as the two Manchester clubs fighting it out for the Premier League title. Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and even Sunderland and Everton all have a shot at that coveted Champions League spot.

Of course, one of those teams will finished third, a position which will more than likely be filled by either Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea. Fourth position will be contested by the two teams who lose that third place battle, along with all the other teams I have mentioned. It's hard to think of Chelsea not making the Champions League, what will all the money they have spent over the years, it would almost be a crime for them to play in the Uefa Cup.

Spurs, on the other hand, are not regulars in the Champions League, although they have featured there this season. They were on top form at the start of the season, but a recent string of poor results has cost them a 7 point lead on their neighbours Arsenal, who overtook them in the table and are now sitting pretty in third position. With the team Spurs have, they should really be playing Champions League football, more so than Arsenal in my opinion. Their team is full of quality players, and they are a prolific striker away from something special.

Liverpool, a whole new team from that of 3-4 years ago, are still some way off the standards they are so used to. The players they have brought in (Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing ) are all not performing to a high enough standard. Newcastle, with a bit of cash injection, could be a real force to be reckoned with next season, providing they keep their big players. For Arsenal, it's really a case of invest or prepare for another trophy-less season. Sunderland and Everton, lets face it, are not going to be playing Champions League football this year, but with a very strong backbone of players, it could be an interesting summer for them.

The top four this season will be, in no particular order and in my opinion, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. In my opinion, Arsenal and Chelsea are a TopBet for this weekend, both need to win. Arsenal play QPR away, a difficult but manageable test, whilst Chelsea are away to struggling Aston Villa.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012
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