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The race for fourth place

Saturday, March 31, 2012
It's really starting to heat up now. The race for fourth place is almost as intriguing as the two Manchester clubs fighting it out for the Premier League title. Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and even Sunderland and Everton all have a shot at that coveted Champions League spot.

Of course, one of those teams will finished third, a position which will more than likely be filled by either Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea. Fourth position will be contested by the two teams who lose that third place battle, along with all the other teams I have mentioned. It's hard to think of Chelsea not making the Champions League, what will all the money they have spent over the years, it would almost be a crime for them to play in the Uefa Cup.

Spurs, on the other hand, are not regulars in the Champions League, although they have featured there this season. They were on top form at the start of the season, but a recent string of poor results has cost them a 7 point lead on their neighbours Arsenal, who overtook them in the table and are now sitting pretty in third position. With the team Spurs have, they should really be playing Champions League football, more so than Arsenal in my opinion. Their team is full of quality players, and they are a prolific striker away from something special.

Liverpool, a whole new team from that of 3-4 years ago, are still some way off the standards they are so used to. The players they have brought in (Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing ) are all not performing to a high enough standard. Newcastle, with a bit of cash injection, could be a real force to be reckoned with next season, providing they keep their big players. For Arsenal, it's really a case of invest or prepare for another trophy-less season. Sunderland and Everton, lets face it, are not going to be playing Champions League football this year, but with a very strong backbone of players, it could be an interesting summer for them.

The top four this season will be, in no particular order and in my opinion, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. In my opinion, Arsenal and Chelsea are a TopBet for this weekend, both need to win. Arsenal play QPR away, a difficult but manageable test, whilst Chelsea are away to struggling Aston Villa.