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It's going to be an interesting Summer

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I know the League season isn't even over yet, but as a fan of a team outside of Manchester, I am already looking forward greatly to the Summer transfer window.

The question is, who will be going where. No doubt, we will see Manchester City dip into their never-ending transfer budget and sign a few players. Who will those players be? Who knows. RVP perhaps, although I can't see him leaving Arsenal, at least not for a team in the Premier League. No doubt they will sign someone of considerable quality, it will be very interesting to see who that player(s) is.

Manchester United = sign a midfielder, simple. The fans have been crying out for a world-class midfielder after becoming sick of seeing the likes of Michael Carrick and Anderson in the starting line-up.

Arsenal, all they need is a few defenders ( 3 at least ) who have some defensive qualities and not just attacking ones. A good CDM ( Yann M'Vila ) and another striker wouldn't go astray.

Chelsea, badly need to one or two top quality wingers to compliment their strikers. Torres is not a bad player, I don't care what anyone says, he just needs better service.

If Spurs sign a prolific striker, I am confident they will challenge strongly for the title next season. Big IF though, I can't think of anyone affordable they could tempt to White Hart Lane.

Where do I start with Liverpool, get rid of the rubbish. You know who I mean, Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing, Maxi and use the money to buy 2/3 good attacking players. Also, get a decent CB, a new RB wouldn't go astray either.

It's not just the big team's transfer antics I'm looking forward to though. Newcastle, Sunderland, Everton and dare I say Fulham are all teams with very solid squads, and with the addition of a decent player or two ( and also keeping their best players ), they could all be in contention to strongly challenge for a spot in the top 5/6.


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