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Problems in the beautiful game - ft Aaron Cawley

Monday, October 22, 2012
Some football fans just make you wonder, how can any team respect their fans? Obviously, I'm talking about the incident which took place at the weekend when Sheffield Wednesday took on Leeds at the Hillsborough Stadium on Friday night, where Chris Kirkland was struck in the face by one of the travelling fans. The Leeds supporter, named Aaron Cawley, ran on to the pitch and pushed the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper in the face. You have to wonder what was going through his head, the chances of not getting caught were about the same as winning 50 times in a row on European roulette.

Unfortunately, behaviour with fans these days is getting out of hand. It's not irregular to hear of fans throwing objects at players, or starting racist chants, or more recently shining lasers in the eyes of players. How can Football Associations stop this kind of behaviour? It's impossible really, if they stop letting fans into your ground they will lose much needed revenue.

I'm all for fans taunting one another during a game, and chanting their team on to victory, it adds to the special atmosphere of professional football. Possibly, the players are at fault. I hate to point fingers, but John Terry is hardly the perfect role model for kids across England. After his behaviour towards Anton Ferdinand, he received only a 4 game ban and a minuscule fine. The FA need to set an example. Likewise, the bloke who decided it would be a great idea to hit Chris Kirkland, needs to be punished. Let him sit in jail for assault. Actions like these deserve consequences. This is the only way future and present generations of fans and footballers alike will learn. 

As far as I'm concerned, these problems, in particular racism, will continue in football. However, if the proper authorities can punish violence more severely, maybe that is one thing that can be greatly improved in the future. 


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