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The title race - Man City v Chelsea v Man United

Sunday, October 21, 2012
It's a three horse race, let's be honest.

Chelsea, a rejuvenated young team with a manager who can seem to do no wrong. Manchester United, strengthened greatly by the arrival of Robin Van Persie and with the most successful manager in English football history as their boss. Manchester City, the Bill Gates of English football, with strength in depth that is the envy of any club, and of course, the current Champions. You can argue all you want, one of these teams will be Champions come May 2013.

But who? Good question. Great question. If I knew the answer I would stroll down to my local bookies with a bank loan in my pocket and a grin on my face. I fancy Chelsea myself, I think the youth they have brought into the squad will help them greatly. They still have the likes of Lampard and Terry to add experience, but they seem to have a certain spark they were missing. It used to be lump the ball up to Drogba, now it's give the ball to Hazard or Mata and let them work some magic.

Manchester United are always there for thereabouts, every year without fail for the past few years. I am amazed how a team who deploys Michael Carrick in centre mid manages to consistently finish in the top 4. With the addition of Kagawa and in particular, Robin Van Persie, they will be even stronger this year. I predict they will come second, with possibly defensive frailties being their demise. (De Gea)

Man City aren't as good as everyone thinks they are. You can buy quality, but you can't buy chemistry. Too many big names, not enough players playing for the badge, to many playing only for their paycheck at the end of the week. I predict they will finish third, with Mancini getting the sack at the end of the season.

Of course, I am probably wrong. To win the BPL, you need to take a few risks. Like when playing friv games, you need to takes a few risks to win. Which Manager has the most guts could decide which team is splitting a lovely Trophy bonus at the end of the year.


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