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The Premier League top five

Friday, December 21, 2012
If you look at the current Barclays Premier League, you can see that it goes like this:

1st - Manchester United: Pts - 42
2nd - Manchester City: Pts- 36
3rd - Chelsea: Pts - 29 (one game in hand)
4th - Tottenham: Pts - 29
5th - Arsenal: Pts - 27

If you ask me, the current table looks identical to what it could be next May. Manchester United, they are looking pretty strong if you ask me. With Vidic coming back, and also beating their rivals in the derby recently, it looks like they could be on course to retaining their title. Their attacking options are second to none. To be honest, I don't see them losing enough games to concede the title, even though we aren't even half way through the season.

Manchester City aren't the team they were last year. Bar Yaya Toure, Aguero and Tevez I have been far from impressed with their so-called world class players e.g Nasri, Silva and Dzeko. Chelsea's situation is odd. Without Abramovich, they wouldn't be where they are today, but he also cost them a chance at the title by sacking Roberto Di-Matteo. They have the talent, no doubt, but they lack consistency in the managerial and board-room department.

The fight for fourth place is pretty interesting. Arsenal and Tottenham, local rivals, always seem to fight it out for that last Champions League spot. Arsenal have looked utterly shambolic this season, but somehow remain only two points behind their rivals. Spurs, in my opinion, have always had an extremely strong team but have only rarely made the cut. I can see Arsenal grabbing fourth spot, but it will be very close.

Every weekend from now on will be an interesting one. I can't wait to see if Fergie and his players manage to regain their title, and hopefully there will be some last-day drama to look forward to. Every game counts, especially during this busy Christmas period.


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